Collection of Ramen PackagesThe Ramen Noodle Palooza was a smashing success! On the first day, 1,657 packages of ramen noodles were collected. On the second day, 1,963 packages were collected and on the third day, another 4,194 packages were collected. Overall (with the addition of a few packages donated after the third day), over 7,900 packages of ramen noodles were collected to be donated to the Scott City Food Bank!

Each day was a contest of its own and on the first day, Ms. Sauerbrunn's class donated the most packages to win rice krispie treats for the class. On day two, Ms. Dirnberger's class won cookies and on day three, Mr. Schiwitz's class won cupcakes. But the overall winner for the most donated packages over the course of the three days was Ms. Laxton's class, with a three day total of 632 packages, earning them ice cream bars.

After the contest was over, classes were invited to visit the SEEK room to view how much ramen was donated (as seen in the picture). The SEEK class will soon take a field trip to the Scott City Food Bank to deliver the ramen and learn more about how the food bank works. The SEEK program wishes to give a big thanks to everyone who helped make the Ramen Noodle Palooza a success!