The A+ Advisory Committee meets to review the A+ schools program, discuss various A+ issues that arise, and serves as the appeals committee for students who believe they have been declared ineligible for the A+ Program unfairly.


    2013-2014 Committee Members


  • Keisha Panagos, A+ Coordinator
  • Mike Johnson, High School Principal
  • LaDonna Pratt, High School Counselor
  • Donna Conaway, A+ Compliance Coordinator/H.S. Teacher
  • Kerry Thompson, Athletic Director
  • Donna Campbell, H.S. Teacher
  • Mitch Madry, H.S. Teacher
  • Amy Coffey, H.S. Teacher
  • Nancy Townsend, Middle School Counselor
  • Amy Pobst, H.S. Teacher/Coach
  • Lance Amick, H.S. Teacher/Coach
  • Layna Kirchner, H.S. Teacher