An A+ student is required to maintain a high attendance rate. The student must maintain a 95% or better attendance record for all four years of high school. A student with a 94.999 or lower average will not qualify for A+ status. Approximately, this means missing no more than 32 days of school attendance in a total of four years. On average, this is 8 days a year or 4 days a semester. An A+ student is expected to attend class regularly and be on time for classes. All absences count against the A+ attendance unless school related. The cumulative attendance information will come from the official attendance record kept by the Scott City Public Schools.

Parents/guardians and students will be provided information on the student’s attendance on the student’s Report Card. However, it is the responsibility of each A+ participant to closely monitor his/her attendance.

Extenuating circumstances such as health problems or accident-related injuries may cause a student to miss long periods of school. In such cases, the student and parent/guardian are to contact the high school office immediately to begin the process of homebound instruction. A student on homebound instruction is allowed to be counted for school attendance.

If there are circumstances that cause a student to be absent but not to qualify for homebound services, the student may submit an appeal for an A+ attendance waiver. The cumulative attendance record information will be sent to the A+ schools student and parent/guardian on the student’s Report Card. After receiving this information, the student or parent/guardian can file an appeal of attendance issues with the A+ Coordinator.

Students with specific health histories must make sure that the medical documentation of chronic or long-term health-related problems are on file and such health-related problems shall be considered in a possible appeal situation. Those submitting an appeal for an A+ waiver of days missed shall provide the A+ Coordinator with official documentation of the following:

Reason for AbsenceDocumentation Required
Hospitalization Physician’s Letter
Chronic Health Problems or Catastrophic illness/injury Physician’s Letter
Court Appearance Court Letter
Personal/family calamity Parent and school counselor’s letter
Religious Holiday Religious Leader’s letter
Funeral Parent Letter and copy of death certificate, obituary, or memorial pamphlet

A student will not receive a waiver if any absence is due to any of the following:

  1. Truancy and/or Skipping Classes
  2. Dentist or Orthodontist Visits
  3. Personal/Family Vacation
  4. Transportation Problems (Unless late on a school bus)
  5. Suspended from class or school for any reason
  6. Routine Doctor Visits

When all of the information is received, the A+ Review Committee will meet to decide if a waiver of the absences will be granted. The A+ Review Committee will be composed of the principal and two at-large faculty members. The A+ Coordinator will facilitate the appeal but will not be involved in the voting process. After the Committee reaches a decision, the student and parents/guardian will be notified by letter. The student and parent/guardian may appeal the decision to the Scott City R-I Board of Education.

The A+ attendance requirements are not to be confused with the general attendance requirements as printed in the Scott City High School Student Handbook.