Participation in the A+ Schools Program requires certain behaviors and attitudes. Specifically, a student who participates in the A+ Schools Program must be a good citizen and be judged so by the proper school authorities.

A student whose character or conduct is such as to discredit his/her school is not considered a good citizen. His/her conduct shall be satisfactory in accordance with the standards of good discipline. A student who participates in the A+ Schools Program should remember not only the financial rewards but also the individual discipline and responsibilities that come with it.

The following criteria regarding the school’s discipline policy will serve as a measurable indicator of respect for self, school, and good citizenship:

Criminal Activity:
A student who is convicted of a verifiable misdemeanor or felony will not qualify.

Substance Abuse:
A student shall not possess or use alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or controlled substances. Any violation of the student alcohol/drug abuse policy will result in loss of eligibility for the program.

A student will lose A+ eligibility if he/she accumulates more than eight (8) days of suspension (ISS and OSS) during his/her high school career. Suspension records for eligible students who transfer from another district will be used to determine eligibility.

Violations of Safe Schools Act:
A student who is disciplined in accordance with the Safe Schools Act of 1996 will lose eligibility for the A+ Schools Program. These violations include, but are not limited to, assault, weapons possession, and drug distribution.

Due Process:
A student who believes that he/she has been declared ineligible for the A+ Schools Program unfairly may appeal to the A+ Schools Appeals Committee. In cases of appeal, the student or parent/guardian must notify the A+ Coordinator in writing of his/her intent to appeal within 10 days of receiving the written ineligibility letter. An A+ Appeals Committee shall hear the appeal and return its decision to the student. The A+ Schools Appeals Committee will consist of the principal and two at-large faculty members. The decision of the committee can be appealed to the Scott City R-I School Board of Education. The A+ Coordinator will facilitate the appeal but will not be involved in the voting process.