A+ enrollment is voluntary. Students may participate in the program by completing and returning a signed A+ Participant Agreement to the A+ Coordinator. After all signatures are obtained by the A+ office, the student will be confirmed as an active A+ student. Upon confirmation into the A+ Program it becomes the responsibility of the student to meet all the requirements of the program to become eligible for the tuition reimbursement upon graduation.

Students are encouraged to enroll in the A+ Program during their freshman year. Enrolling in the program early allows students and parents to receive regular information on the A+ Program from the A+ Coordinator. Students may sign up for the A+ Schools Program at any time between grades nine and eleven.* Seniors must enroll no later than the last Wednesday in September of the senior year due to the need to complete fifty required hours of tutoring.

*Transfer students who enroll at Scott City High School after the last Wednesday in September of their sophomore year will NOT qualify to participate in the Scott City A+ Schools Program, unless they transfer from another A+ designated school.