A tax rate hearing was held at 6:15 p.m. on August 21. The Scott City R-I Board of Education then met in regular session. Board members Scott  Amick, Beth Cox, Sally Porch, Gary Miller, and Lisa Schaefer, were present. Board members Daniel Lance and Gary Elders were not present.

The Board conducted the following business:

➢ Senior Becky spoke to the board concerning her accomplishments as a member of FCCLA. Becky recently won golds at the state and national level contests for her project, Alex's Lemonade Stand. She told the Board that the organization has played a very important role in her leadership development. Sponsor Jane Poole talked to the Board about different activities in which members of FCCLA participate, including regional, state, and national meetings. Also, in September, the Scott City local chapter will host the regional meeting at the school.

➢ M.A.P./E.O.C. and A.C.T. scores were reported to the Board by the building principals, as well as building level annual performance reports. Principal Courtney Kern reported that the elementary APR was 78.0 %. Principal Mike Umfleet reported the middle school APR was 91.4%. Principal Mike
Johnson reported the high school APR was 93.6%.

➢ Superintendent Diann Ulmer outlined the Annual Performance Report for the District. The District earned 91.4% on the report earning 128 out of a possible 140 points. There are 5 MSIP5 Standards for which a district is graded, including academic achievement, subgroup achievement, college and career ready, attendance and graduation rates. The APR helps determine the accreditation status of a district. The District is currently on track for achieving "Accredited with Distinction" based upon MSIP5 scores. A district must score at least 90% to be considered for accredited with distinction. This is the second year in a row the District has scored above the 90% mark.

➢ Mike Umfleet gave a report on the status of the transportation department. He told the Board about receiving the "100% Fleet Excellence Award" for the buses, and the number of bus routes having decreased from seven to six for the current school year. The Board approved the bus routes as

➢ The Board set the tax rate at $3.2859 for the operating funds and $.49 for the debt service. The assessed valuation for the District was $53,511,260, an increase of 0.88% over last year.

➢ The Board voted to pass a Resolution which urges members of the Missouri General Assembly to sustain Governor Nixon's veto of House Bill 253.  HB 253 could cost the Scott City School District up to $286,565 and would undermine the quality of education for students, as well as other critical state services.

➢ The Board approved the Special Education Local Compliance Plan as presented by Special Services Director Marcia Daniels.

➢ After reviewing updates to the MUSIC Policies and Regulations, the Board voted to approve as presented.

In closed session, the Board took the following action:

➢ Accepted the resignation of Lance Amick as head baseball coach.

➢ Hired James May as baseball coach.

➢ Approved a list of personnel for extra duties.