The Scott City R-I Board of Education met in regular session on September 19, 2012. The Board conducted the following business.


  • Approved the Professional Development Goals for 2012-13 as recommended by the PDC Committee.
  • Was presented the district quarterly newsletter, the district August attendance data which was 96.88%, and information about the District's recycling program.
  • Listened to an address from Kevin Wilthong.
  • Reviewed the building level and district goals for 2012-13, as presented by administration.
  • Reviewed the M.A.P./E.O.C. test incentives for students for spring 2013 testing.
  • Approved membership in the Missouri United School Insurance Council for the district insurance coverage needs.
  • Approved the quarterly revision of the 2012-13 budget which showed estimated revenues in the amount of $7,822,841 and estimated expenditures in the amount of $7,771,398.
  • Approved the 2012-13 Budget Document which contains the statutory requirements of a budget message, estimated revenues for this year and at least two years next preceding, proposed expenditures and at least two years next preceding, and a general budget summary.
  • Reviewed and approved MUSIC Policies and Regulations updates.

In Closed Session, the Board of Education took the following action.


  • Approved the confidential minutes of the August 15 executive session.