Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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September 2013

The Scott City R-I Board of Education met in regular session on September 18, 2013. Board members Scott Amick, Beth Cox, Sally Porch, Gary Miller, Daniel Lance, and Gary Elders were present. Board member Lisa Schaefer was not present.

The Board conducted the following business.

  • Architect Brett Dille of Dille and Traxel, and engineer Mark Strickland of Strickland Engineering, reviewed the eight bids that were received on the FEMA Safe Room. Zoellner Construction of Perryville was the lowest bidder on the project, submitting a bid of $2,069,000. Because bids were higher than anticipated, the Board approved a motion to begin negotiations with Zoellner Construction in order to find ways to decrease the cost of the project.
  • Principals Mike Johnson, Mike Umfleet, and Courtney Kern reviewed a list of incentives compiled for students with regard to M.A.P./E.O.C. testing in the spring.
  • The Board reviewed a list of District and building level goals for the current school year. District goals included such items as aligning the curriculum to the common core standards, focusing on the standards of MSIP 5, selecting an educator evaluation system aligned with the latest state teaching standards, and constructing the FEMA Safe Room.
  • The Board approved the 2013-14 Budget revision as presented by Superintendent Diann Ulmer. The budget included an estimated total revenues of $8,280,938, and estimated expenditures of $8,871,283. The additional expenditures over revenues in the budget reflected the anticipated construction of the FEMA Building for which the District has been saving. Mrs. Ulmer noted the amount of money that the District is not receiving because of the State of Missouri not fully funding the formula. With the August state payment, the formula was funded at a pro-ration factor of 91.1%. The SB 287 formula calculates that the District should be receiving an estimated $3,213,186 from the state. However, with the current factor, the calculations reveal the District could receive only an estimated $2,927,222 from the state, which is $285,963 less in state funds to educate students.
  • After reviewing its contents, the Board approved the 2013-14 Budget Document as presented. The document contains the statutory requirements of a budget message, estimated revenues for this year and at least two years next preceding, proposed expenditures and at least two years next preceding itemized by the departments, and a general budget summary with estimated transfers from fund one to other funds.
  • The Board voted to maintain membership in the Missouri United School Insurance Council for its property and liability insurance.

In Closed Session, the following action was taken.

  • Hired Keisha Panagos for the extra duty, elementary school dean of students.

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