Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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October 2013

The Scott City R-I Board of Education met in regular session on October 16, 2013. Board members Scott Amick, Beth Cox, Sally Porch, Gary Miller, Lisa Schaefer, and Gary Elders were present. Board member Daniel Lance was not present.

The Board conducted the following business.

  • The board approved the 2012-13 Finance Audit. The annual audit is conducted by Stanley, Dirnberger, Hopper, and Associates, LLC.
  • After reviewing information in the bid for the FEMA Safe Room, the Board voted to seek additional funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for the FEMA eligible items before proceeding on construction. The cost of FEMA eligible items in the bid increased since the writing of the grant, which was in 2010. Also, additional foundation requirements for the building due to poor soil conditions caused the costs to be higher than originally requested in the grant proposal. The estimated increase in the cost of the eligible items was approximately $500,000. It is unknown how long it will take to receive confirmation from FEMA on the additional funding, due in part to the recent shutdown of the federal government.
  • Superintendent Diann Ulmer spoke to the Board about how the Federal Government shutdown was affecting the reimbursement process on federal program monies like Title I. In addition, she informed the Board that the District will have the opportunity in the near future to access potential funds as a result of the refinancing of the District bonds in recent years. The Board received a booklet, to be used for discussion at the next meeting, which outlines options for addressing the Fund 3 Debt Service levy.

The Board did not meet in closed session.

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