The Scott City R-I Board of Education met in regular session at 6:30 p.m. on June 18, 2014. Board members Beth Cox, Scott Amick, Heraleen Bowers, Gary Miller, Lisa Schaefer, Gary Elders, and Brad Uelsmann were present.

The Board conducted the following business.

  • After hearing a presentation from the underwriters of L.J. Hart & Co. concerning the different options available to the district, the Board approved a motion to present a $1,750,000 No Tax Increase bond issue before the voters at the November 2014 election. If the issue is approved, the monies would retire the current lease purchase obligations as well as provide funds for existing building needs.
  • Jerry Tucker, technology director and Chris Bradshaw, webmaster and technology assistant, gave an update on the status of technology in the district. They told the Board they currently service 8 servers, 15 virtual servers, 550 computers including 8 computer labs. To help meet the needs with regard to the new state testing requirements, the district has plans to update the labs with touch screen technologies.
  • The board approved the tentative final budget for 2013-14. Final adjustments will be made as state payments are received and expenses from summer school are posted.
  • The Board approved a $150 increase in the tuition rate. The new rate will be $6100.
  • After reviewing the salary schedule information for next year, the Board approved raising the teacher salary base pay to $29,800, an increase of $800 over this year. Overall, the average salary increase for employees was established at approximately 3%. The Board also increased the board paid health insurance benefits to $445 per month, compared to $423 this year. Substitute teacher pay was also increased to $90 per day for a certified teacher, and to $80 per day for those who have a minimum of 60 college credit hours.
  • The Board approved the average increase of 3% to support staff salaries, as well as increased the board paid health insurance benefits to $445 per month.
  • The Board approved the 2014-15 budget as presented, which included revenue predictions of $8,877,688 and expenditures projected at $9,614,426. The numbers reflect the building of the FEMA Safe Room shelter, including the reimbursement of $1,397,657 from FEMA on the revenue side. The district has been saving funds for the construction of the facility as the district is responsible for the 25% match in the grant. The contract amount for the construction of the building is $2,059,000.
  • Superintendent Diann Ulmer reported the student attendance for the 2013-14 school year was 95.54%. The Board also discussed rejoining the Missouri School Board Association.

In Closed Session, the following business was conducted.

  • The Board hired Annah Voshage for speech/language pathologist for 2014-15.