The Scott City R-I Board of Education met in regular session on October 15, 2014. Board members Beth Cox, Scott Amick, Heraleen Bowers, Gary Miller, Lisa Schaefer, Gary Elders, and Brad Uelsmann were present.

The Board conducted the following business.

  • Professional Development Chair Vicki Helderman presented to the board goals and guidelines for the PDC committee. The committee developed the goals, using the CSIP plan, in order to align professional development activities with the specific needs of the district. In addition, the PDC had created guidelines for attending those activities and a procedure for reimbursements. The Board approved the goals and guidelines as recommended by the committee.
  • MSTA local president Lori Rubel and AFT local president Seth Ward spoke to the Board about the pitfalls of Amendment 3 slated to be on the November 4 ballot. Items mentioned by Rubel and Ward included stripping communities of local control, the amendment being ill-constructed, the increased cost to taxpayers for additional assessments, and the pressure of forcing teachers to "teach to the test." Following the presentation, the Board voted to adopt a resolution opposing Amendment 3 on the ballot and encouraged those present at the meeting to vote "No" on Amendment 3.
  • Ron Pratt, who is serving as the chairperson for Scott City Prop Kids, gave an update to the board on behalf of the committee. The campaign is to encourage community members to vote "Yes" on Proposition Kids on the November 4 ballot . He informed the Board the committee has been busy encouraging people to vote "Yes" on the no tax increase bond issue through the use of a Facebook page and attending various community organization meetings. The Board encouraged those present at the meeting to vote "Yes" on Proposition Kids.
  • The Board listened to a presentation by Keisha Panagos, curriculum coordinator, and saw the mathematics curriculum created by teachers in the district. The rewriting of the mathematics curriculum has been developed over the past couple of years to align to the Missouri Learning Standards. The spring 2015 MAP/EOC testing is based upon the learning standards. Board members last month were given usernames and passwords to review the online curriculum and voted to adopt the mathematics curriculum as shown.
  • The Board voted to approve the 2013-14 Audit as presented. The finance audit is conducted on an annual basis by Stanley, Dirnberger, Hopper, and Associates LLC.
  • Superintendent Diann Ulmer distributed the most recent field report on the construction of the FEMA Tornado Safe Room. The project is currently on schedule with a job completion percentage of approximately 56%. Zoellner Construction is the general contractor for the project. Also, Mrs. Ulmer spoke to the Board about the appointment of the next Commissioner of Education for the state of Missouri. With the resignation of Chris Nicastro effective at the end of December 2014, concerns are arising around the state about the appointment of the next commissioner. She encouraged the Board to contact members of the State Board, DESE, and the legislature to request an open process for the selection of the commissioner that would involve the stakeholders in the state.

In Closed Session, the following action was taken.

  • The Board voted to hire Judy Hoffmeister as elementary special education, Lori Blechle and Britney Schott as Title I after school tutors for students attending a local parochial school, and Stephen Hemby as assistant girls basketball coach.