The Scott City R-I Board of Education met in regular session on April 15, 2015. Board members Beth Cox, Gary Elders, Heraleen Bowers, Brad Uelsmann, Scott Amick, Lisa Schaefer, and Justin Braun were present.

The Board conducted the following business.

  • The Board received copies of the policies outlining the Board member code of ethics, confidentiality rules, and other responsibilities. The members signed the policies acknowledging their receipt and acceptance of the policies.
  • Cheer coach Sarah Blaylock addressed the Board concerning the small number of high school girls who had tried out for cheerleader. Because of girls being involved in numerous other activities such as volleyball and basketball, scheduling conflicts with cheerleading often arise. She, with principal Mike Johnson, informed the Board of an option they were exploring to increase participation in cheerleading. Discussion centered on the possibility of hosting a second try-out date for students that wish to only cheer at home games, thus allowing them to still participate in other athletic events. While no action was taken, members of the Board were supportive of the concept.
  • Middle School Principal Mike Umfleet compared and contrasted current MSHSAA membership versus MSHSAA Affiliate membership at the middle school level. Currently if a school has an Affiliate membership, they can compete against a MSHSAA member school but do not have to follow MSHSAA rules with regard to things like club volleyball or the total allowed number of quarters played in a night in basketball, which gives the affiliate school an advantage. Mr. Umfleet, also, told the Board that MSHSAA has proposed membership guidelines changes for affiliate schools and that they are being voted on by the members this month.
  • Mr. Umfleet explained the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) program to the Board. ICU is a software program that monitors students with missing or incomplete assignments as inputted by the teacher into a data base. An email/text can be sent to the parents about these unsatisfactory assignments as well as notifying the parents when they are completed. The program can be set up to incorporate all grade levels as well as allow individuals to view by groups such as clubs or athletics. Initially, the program will cost $1,999. While no action was taken, members of the Board were supportive of the program.
  • The Board voted to maintain membership in MEUHP for employee health insurance as well as maintain the amount of Board contribution at $445 per month per eligible employee. Insurance premium rates for next year will decrease by 0.7% and a fourth option will be added to the list from which employees may choose. All plans are HSA's and the difference between the monthly premium and the $445 contribution amount will go into the employee's HSA account. The plans and premiums are:
    • HSA 3000 Emb $412.23
    • HSA 3000 $396.27
    • HSA 4000 Emb (new) $384.00
    • HSA 5000 $360.62
  • Superintendent Diann Ulmer conducted a 2015-16 Budget Hearing and presented estimates for revenues and expenditures for the next fiscal year.
  • The Board approved the list of students for the graduating Class of 2015.

In Closed Session, the following action was taken.

  • The Board voted to accept 1)the resignation of Angela Lachenmayr effective at the end of the 2014-15 school year, 2)the resignation of Jeanette Mastin, effective at the end of the 2015-16 school year, due to retirement, and 3)the request for a one year leave of absence for the 2015-16 school year for Shelly Meier.
  • The Board approved the list of individuals for extra duty assignments for 2015-16.