The Board conducted the following business.

  • Elementary teacher Carrie Boswell recognized two students that won the state handwriting contest along with their teachers. The students, Vegas and Emily, were presented with a certificate and medal. The teachers of those students, Lori Rubel and Jana Porch, were also recognized for contributions to the student’s success.
  • Middle school principal Mike Umfleet informed the Board of the recent assembly that was held for the middle school students and their parents. The assembly was based on technology safety and included information on human trafficking, sending and receiving inappropriate pictures and child pornography.
  • Superintendent Lee told the Board the school would be receiving their state payment in the amount of $246,674.22. He also told the Board the school had not yet received the letter from the Obama Administration concerning transgender policies. The Board was told the school received approximately $739,182 in federal monies and if receipt of that money was tied to abiding by those policies the school would have to meet all requirements. He also told of a recent meeting with the city manager concerning the opening of the FEMA Building during bad weather when school is not in session. The Board was told the interior doors of the FEMA Building would be locked so the sound and lighting equipment along with the seating, curtains, etc. would be protected from theft and destruction. The Board was told the lobby area of the FEMA Building was large enough to hold the elementary school students and personnel so there should be no problem with it being large enough to accommodate those citizens that come during severe weather. The Board was also given some legislative session updates.
  • The Board approved a Group Funding Plan for co-curricular and extra-curricular programs that qualified for state/national competitions
  • The Board decided to set up a board training session on June 2nd with MARE for three hours for a cost of $300 plus travel.
  • The Board approved a proposal to follow the MSHSAA guidelines instead of having a separate Athletic Handbook.
  • The proposed Preschool Handbook presented by elementary principal April Garner was approved.
  • Middle school principal Mike Umfleet informed the Board he had approximately 50 in summer school. He informed the Board some of the classes being offered were a Hunter Safety Course, a journalism class and a civics class. Principal Garner told the Board she had approximately 256 enrolled in summer school and each grade level had a daily theme hour.
  • The June Board meeting was moved to June 29th.

In closed session, the following action was taken:

  • The Board accepted the resignation of Amy Pobst effective at the end of the 2015-16 school year.
  • The Board voted to hire Karen Breeding for the 2016-17 school year as a speech teacher and Candance Clay as a summer school teacher for the 2016 summer session.
  • The Board approved a list of the extra duty assignments for the 2016-17 school year.