The Board conducted the following business:

  • Patrick Kintner of Stanley, Dirnberger, Hopper, & Associates, LLC presented the 2015-16 audit to the Board. He reported there was nothing new in the report from the previous year. He reported additional policies and procedures were being required for all federal expenses and these things need to be put in place for the 2016-17 school year. He also told the Board there were high needs funds available for reimbursement to the district for those qualifying expenses that needed to be looked in to. The Board was told the ending unrestricted fund balances for the 2015-16 school year was 12.19% down from the previous year of 16.4%.
  • Middle school principal Mike Umfleet informed the Board the 7th grade girls’ basketball team had recently won the conference championship. He also told the Board the school was waiting on paperwork from L.J. Hart for the lease purchasing of two buses. The two buses are 77 passenger Blue Bird buses and the school is trading in two buses. High school principal Mike Johnson told the Board to review the copies of the two policies he had sent them concerning student drug testing for further discussion at the November board meeting. Elementary principal April Garner informed the Board three people had been interviewed for the Boys and Girls Club site supervisor position. She told the Board they hoped to have someone in the position by the end of November or beginning of December.
  • Superintendent Lee informed the Board attendance for the month of September was 96.76%, the school would be hosting a football district game against Chaffee on Friday night, 20 students are enrolled in preschool and parent/teacher conferences were well attended. Superintendent Lee gave the Board information concerning Prop A that will be on the upcoming ballot in the November election. The need for cameras or mirrors in the new elementary and high school entry ways was also discussed.
  • Matt Miller, elementary art teacher and fine arts department head, gave a list of 40+ upcoming events involving the fine arts department. He also told the Board of the much appreciated collaboration time the department has during professional development days. Taylor Hamlett, high school theatre coach, told the Board of her upcoming events including a home speech meet and a play to be performed in the spring that is being written by one of Scott City’s students.
  • The Board approved the 2015-16 audit and to retain Stanley, Dirnberger, Hopper and Associates as auditors for the next three years.
  • The directors discussed and voted to approve the list of goals as presented for the district by Superintendent Lee with the Board’s input.
  • Director Bowers presented information and procedures to the Board concerning different aspects of the Cape Girardeau School Board meetings and how they conducted their meetings.
  • The Directors allowed for the sale of the old cafeteria tables. This will be done by silent auction the week of November 14-18.
  • Director Bowers informed the Board she would be attending the MARE conference October 20th thru October 22nd. She gave the Board a list of the sessions that would be held and ask their input on which would be most beneficial to attend. No action was taken.
  • Director Bowers informed the Board she would like for the Board to show their appreciation to the teachers concerning their hard work on preparing the students for testing which resulted in the gap between the schools proficient/advanced scores and the states scores decreasing. The Board was in agreement to provide each teacher’s lounge with donuts and a note of appreciation.

In closed session the Board:

  • Accepted the resignation of Kerry Thompson as assistant baseball coach for the 2017 season.
  • The Board was informed Charlene Miller, food service secretary, would be retiring at the end of the 2016-17 school year.
  • Approved Amber Rose as half time elementary science club sponsor, splitting the stipend with the current sponsor Stephanie Rhyne.