The Board conducted the following business:

  • Improv Troupe Sponsor Taylor Hamlett and a group of students were guests at the meeting. The group performed two short skits for the Board. They also told the Board about the advantages of being in the group.
  • Elementary principal April Garner informed the Board that Missouri Read-In Day was March 10th and invited any board members that were interested in reading to a class to contact teacher Jenny Estes about scheduling a spot.
  • Superintendent Lee informed the Board eight Options students have graduated in the past few months and middle school was implementing RTI. He also provided legislative updates and informed the Board two food services companies, Opaa and Aramark, had attended the pre-bid meeting for the food service contract.
  • Approved the Student Activity Random Drug Testing Policy as presented by high school principal Mike Johnson.
  • Approved the 2017-2018 school calendar with the proposed start date for teachers being August 7, 2017 and the proposed first day of school being August 10th. The Board acknowledged the start date was more than ten days prior to the first Monday in September, Labor Day.
  • Set the April board meeting for April 12th.
  • Voted to approve policy #’s 2270, 2750, 3155, 3166, 3440, 5410 and regulation #’s 2270, 2750, 3155, 3166, 3440 and 5410.

In closed session the Board:

  • Hired Stephen Bryan Breeding as JV baseball coach and Zack Pobst as assistant baseball coach for the 2016-17 school year.
  • Voted to extend the contract of April Garner as Elementary Principal by one year.
  • Voted to extend the contract of Mike Umfleet as Middle School Principal by one year.
  • Voted to extend the contract of Mike Johnson as High School Principal by one year.