The Board conducted the following business:

  • Superintendent Lee informed the Board attendance for the month of August was 96.95% with enrollment at 829. The Board was informed an energy audit would be conducted through Ameren with the possibility of obtaining a grant for new lighting and possibly a new system that would allow the control of the temperatures campus wide. He also told the Board that preliminary cost of replacing/repairing the roof was approximately $140,000, the Governor was cutting funding to schools from transportation mostly and that MSHSAA had at least 3,500 students wanting the concussion insurance at approximately $1.50 per athlete.
  • High school principal Mike Johnson told the Board archery would be taught in PE classes with approximately $3,000 worth of equipment. He said half of the equipment would be paid for by the National Wild Turkey Federation and the other half by the Conservation Department.
  • Transportation Director Mike Umfleet discussed the different options available to lease purchase two busses. The director’s approved the purchase with an agreement through L.J. Hart for a three year, semi-annual payment plan.
  • High school librarian Sarah Pruden told the Board, after weeding the collection of books over the summer, an on-line book drive was done that raised $3,000. Donations for the book drive consisted of $2,000 with $1,000 matched from the book company. She also told the Board of future plans she has for the library and updated them on yearbook activities and plans.
  • Elementary librarian Nelda Jordan updated the Board on the elementary library activities.
  • Elementary counselor Jamie Howard, middle school counselor Nancy Townsend, and high school counselor LaDonna Pratt presented to the Board the assessment plan for the 2016-17 school year. They also presented an overview of what each of the counselors do during the school year ranging from testing to meeting with individual students for various reasons to volunteering in the community with students. The counselors informed the Board that most recently they had been reviewing the Bullying policy with all the students and told them of an upcoming assembly that will be conducted by the Megan Meyer Foundation.
  • Dr. Panagos reviewed the recent test results with the Board. The Board was given information that showed the gap between the schools proficient/advanced scores and the states scores was decreasing and how the students were improving each year in most categories. The Board was also told of the different programs the teachers were using to help improve student’s performance.
  • The Board approved the Local Compliance Plan for Special Education as presented by Special Services Director Marcia Daniels.
  • High school principal Mike Johnson discussed with the Board the possibility of randomly drug testing students involved in activities. The Board was told of some other area schools that were doing the testing and the approximate cost. The general consensus of the Board was in favor of doing additional research with the possibility of implementing such a practice after review.
  • The Directors voted to approve the 2016-17 Budget Document as presented by Superintendent Brian Lee.
  • The board elected to renew the district’s membership in the Missouri United School Insurance Membership Council for 2017.The Board voted to accept Policy #’s 0324, 2180, 2526, 2550, 2755, 2785, 4121,6271, 7131, 7132, 7210 and Regulation #’s 2785, 4221, 7131, 7132.

In closed session the Board:

  • Approved the extra duty contracts of the following staff members: Jenelle Lee, Student Council sponsor; John Nanney, Leann Grant, and Elizabeth Perkins, junior class sponsors.