Brief Overview of Class

Fourth Grade Computer Explorations was created in the 2010-2011 school year, to help Scott City students learn basic computer knowledge. There is no denying computers and technology is here to stay, so we must prepare our students the best we can for the rest of their lives. In this class, students will learn basic computer parts and what they do. They will learn how the school network operates, some basic guidelines for word processing, and begin to learn some features of various software and operating systems. As I often like to tell them, by the time their fourth grade year is over, they will probably know more about computers than many adults. The kids seem to enjoy that concept.

At least once every year, the fourth grade students will spend time learning and exploring the Lumen student portal. This will usually take place early in the year. The Lumen student portal provides students the ability to check on their grades, view their attendance and lunch information and much more.


Online Assignments

#1 - Hardware Review

#2 - Internet Safety Pledge

#3 - Student Internet Safety - Malicious Programs (need Powerpoint or LibreOffice Impress to view)

#4 - Internet Safety Scavenger Hunt

#5 - Missouri Research Topics

#6 - Karel the Dog

#7 - Lightbot