Hello, welcome to my web page. I plan to include information on here concerning the different classes I teach, and hope you can find my corner of the school web site to be extremely helpful in whatever it is you are looking for. I currently serve as the Wellness teacher for both the fifth and sixth grades, the Computer Exploration teacher for the fourth grade, and an assistant in the technology department. If you click on the class links below, I go into more detail on what each class is about and what we do in there.

I am a proud graduate of Scott City Schools, where I received my diploma in 2003. I received a full academic scholarship to Southeast Missouri State University, where I attended until my graduation in December of 2007. I graduated with a final GPA of 3.96, and with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education K-12. Most people like to look back with fondness and say college was the best time of their life, but for me personally, I was always too busy looking forward to come back to the school I graduated from, and help provide the same great education to future children that I received in my time at Scott City.

I began working at Scott City Schools in the summer of 2003, right after my graduation, as a volunteer assistant basketball coach. I served as an assistant basketball coach from 2003 until the end of the 2010 season. I began my work as a teacher at Scott City in January of 2008, as teacher of the SEEK class. The next school year I moved to a Physical Education position, a position I still hold. In the 2008-2009 school year, I was also asked to be in charge of the school web site, a request I was happy and excited to fulfill. I have really enjoyed both my teaching and technology positions, and I cannot imagine myself working anywhere other than Scott City Schools.


Class Schedule


Class Name Grade Level
Computer Exploration 4th Grade
Wellness 5th & 6th Grade