Pictures and Story by: Katie and Kurt

The Scott City 6th graders are involved in History Day this year and are doing a great job. History Day is a difficult but entertaining project. This year the topic is: A Turning Point in History. The students could select from one out of five categories to present their project. These include creating a website, producing a documentary, writing a paper with a thorough discussion of a historical event, making an exhibit that coupled fact with visual examples to enhance the understanding of a topic, and acting out a hand written script in a performance. The students started working on this in October and completed it midway through January. During this time, research was done on the computer, in the library, and at home. The winners of the individual exhibit were Chloe, Hope, and Jonathan. Group exhibit winners are Courtney and Olivia, Charli and Danielle, and Paige and Rylee. Winners of the documentary are Gabe, Garrett, Sam and Kolbe. Website winners are Xavier and Dylan, and Eli, Will and Greg. Ms. Porch said, 'History Day is a very interesting project. It is a lot of fun to see how students bring all of the information together and create their projects'.

For more pictures of projects (now updated with winners), visit the History Day Photo Gallery.