Team 3740 picture

The 2012-2013 season brought some changes to the Scott City Robotics program. After graduating seven experienced seniors from last year's team, this year's team saw an influx of freshmen. Growing participation in the club, and a grant from the St. Louis FTC allowed for expansion to two teams: #3740- Absolute Zero, and #6377- Copyright Issues. As a starting point, both teams examined this year's challenge, and then began to sketch out what they wanted to build. The 'Ring It UP!' challenge asked teams to take rings from a dispenser on the perimeter of the field, and place them on a rack in the middle of the playing area (to see game details go to During the last 30 seconds of each match, additional points could be earned if a robot could be lifted by its teammate.

Team Absolute Zero designed, and redesigned, a scissor lift to raise any robot they might be paired with at competition to a height of 15 inches above the ground. Due to material limitations, and increased consistency in performance, a flatbed other robots could drive up on via a tailgate was the final design. The tailgate was made as long as possible to decrease the steepness of the incline and make it easier for potential teammates to get on the platform. The new design also allowed for a claw to be added to get rings.