Monday, November 19, 2018
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Science Fair 2012

By: Lauren

Science Fair Winners Photo

The Science Fair—which has brought a lot of excitement to the 8th grade classes these last two months—has come to a conclusion! From November 14th, 2011, until January 17th, 2012, the Science Fair has been the main focus for Mrs. Bradshaw and her 8th grade students. With all the brainstorming, experimenting, report typing, and display setup to take care of, not a single student has been idle.

For many, one of the hardest parts of the project was coming up with an idea. Mrs. Bradshaw suggested that each group come up with a subject they were interested in.

Mrs. Bradshaw gave her students time in class to experiment and type their reports. Because the projects were not due until after Christmas break, they also had plenty of extra time at home to finish the experimenting and set up their display board.

The judges that came from SEMO to choose the winning projects were looking for the people that followed the scientific method. This means that the students had to:

1)    Come up with a question

2)    Do some background research

3)    Form a hypothesis

4)    Test your hypothesis

5)    Draw a conclusion, and

6)    Show their results

Now that the Science Fair is over, Scott City has our winners! Congratulations to:

Matt and Nick: Temperature-vs-Magnet Strength

Dylan and Levi: Shooting for Answers (Brand of bullet-most penetration)

Lauren: When Life Gives you Lemons (Fruit with the most electric charge)

Nakia and Dalton: Designated Diaper (Brand of diaper-most absorbency)

Morgan: Only the Nose Knows (Synthetic-vs-real scent detection)

Bella and Hannah: Pollution's Fishy (How acid rain effects fish/plants)

Andrew and Jon: Does Color Affect Number of Birds at Each Feeder?

Hunter: Who Let the Balls Out? (Ball weight-vs-speed)

Ethan: Delta Force (Airplane wing types)

Austin and Joseph: The Bigger, the Better (TV antennae size-vs-reception)

Sam and Paige: Will it Last? (Brand of nail polish—most durability)

Cierra and Katlyn: Plant Growth (Detergent brands—effect on plants)

All of these people have been chosen to go to SEMO to be judged in the district Science Fair. No first, second, or third place winners were chosen, because of course all of the projects were great. These groups will go to SEMO on March 6th, 2012.

Good job to every 8th grade student who participated! Every project was full of good ideas, observations, and creativity. Good luck at SEMO!